Topsham Veterinary Wellness Center

6 1st St
Topsham, ME 04086


About Topsham Veterinary Wellness Center in Topsham, ME


Topsham Veterinary Wellness Center is a well-established, full-service, small animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care.

We provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic procedures through in-house testing and the use of external laboratories. We also work closely with local practices when special diagnostic procedures are required. The facility includes a well-stocked pharmacy, in-hospital surgery suite, in-house x-ray capabilities, and a closely supervised hospitalization area.

At Topsham Veterinary Wellness Center we strive to offer not only sound advice, but also optimal veterinary care, thus allowing you the enjoyment of your companion for a maximum number of years. Our job is not only to treat your pet when he or she isn't feeling well, but also to help you learn how to keep your best friend happy and healthy.


The Staff Code of Conduct:

  • Offer patience, empathy and solutions for our client’s concerns about their pets
  • If a solution is not possible at our office, offer alternatives
  • Keep the lines of communication open, informative and in good tone
  • Do our best to stay on time and when this is not possible, keep the client informed about the situation as they wait
  • If one staff member cannot effectively discuss something with a client, offer a second staff member to discuss things (which may be done at a later time if needed)
  • Follow protocols to keep service fair and equal
  • Finish the conversation with a smile


Client Code of Conduct:

  • Utilize patience and understanding in an understaffed, busy world
  • Understand that every schedule has limits: we are an appointment-based practice – not an ER
  • Keep your tone and vocabulary in check at all times
  • Do not hang up on staff while they are speaking to you
  • Be respectful that our technology (text messaging, email, automated phone tree) allows us to efficiently communicate with you
  • Be on time for your appointment and do not use this against us when we are running late
  • Do not schedule other things around your commitment to your pet’s appointment that you may become late for
  • Have reasonable expectations when scheduling an appointment (oftentimes urgent, same-day appointments fill up within 15 minutes of opening. Become familiar with PetMedic in Portland for urgent care options when we are fully booked)
  • Plan ahead for refills of your medication. 
  • Please respect the No Smoking rules on our property
  • Keep your pets leashed or kenneled until they are safely inside a closed exam room (our parking is next to an active public road)
  • Understand our policies – noted on our website, in our client letter, email communications and within contracts that you may sign. Do not argue over things that are outlined in our policies – this is unfair to the staff.


There is a zero-tolerance policy for disrespect or breaking the codes of conduct stated above. 


Click these links to learn more about our veterinarians, our veterinary staff, our practice hours, and read testimonials from our clients.

Please contact us to set up an appointment.